Abby Brack Photojournalist | Boston MA

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12/29/2007 - Presidential candidate Mitt Romney addresses a crowd of supporters at the Smokey Row Coffee House in Oskaloosa, Iowa. , 4/4/2007 - During the opening of the Romney for President headquarters office in Urbandale, Iowa, Mitt Romney holds a young supporter for a photo. , 3/9/2007 - Before delivering the keynote address to the Miami-Dade County Lincoln Day Dinner, Romney talks to his son Josh on a cell phone backstage in the banquet kitchen. , 12/29/2007 - Greeted by an enthusiastic supporter in Pella, Iowa, Romney makes his way to the speaking platform to address a crowd of supporters. , 4/14/2007 - Romney entertains his three-year-old grandson Wyatt on a late night flight from Des Moines, Iowa to Portsmouth, New Hampshire., 4/15/2007 - During an interview with Mike Wallace and "60 Minutes," presidential candidate Mitt Romney jokes with his wife Ann. , 7/4/2007 - Presidential candidate Romney takes a rest from marching in the Fourth of July Parade in Clear Lake, Iowa. , 1/8/2008 - When a Bedford traffic jam prevented them from getting to a polling station on time, Mitt Romney and NH Senator Judd Gregg decide to get out of the car and walk to the voters. , 1/13/2008 - In Lansing, Mitt Romney and his wife Ann reflect on his father's service as Governor of Michigan and answer questions from members of the media about the upcoming Michigan primary election. , 2/4/2008 - During an overnight flight from Long Beach, California, Romney addresses questions from the traveling media aboard the campaign plane. , 7/4/2007 - Presidential candidate Romney and his wife Ann are greeted by President Bill Clinton and Senator Hillary Clinton at a Fourth of July Parade staging area in Clear Lake, Iowa. , 1/28/2008 - Returning from a long day of campaigning throughout the state of Florida, Romney rolls his suitcases into the Hilton St. Petersburg. , 5/29/2007 - Romney speaks to students at Laconia High School during a day of campaigning in New Hampshire's Lakes Region., 1/15/2008 - Exhausted, Romney listens to a conference call led by communications director Matt Rhoades, while his youngest son Craig gives him a shoulder rub. , 7/21/2007 - Romney and his son Josh swing grandson Wyatt on their way to an outdoor picnic with supporters in Forest City, Iowa., 1/2/2008 - One day before the Iowa Caucus, Romney visits Mason City to campaign for last minute votes at an evening airport rally. , 4/15/2007 - Mitt Romney reads to his grandchildren at his home on Lake Winnipesaukee during a day of interviews with "60 Minutes.", 7/18/2007 - Speaking at a Lincoln Day Dinner in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Romney outlined his campaign plan, "Strategy for A Stronger America.", Former President George H.W. Bush delivers his keynote speech at Suffolk University's Centennial Celebration on Thursday, Sept. 21, 2006 in Boston., Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D- Calif.) was well received during the House Democratic Congressional Spouses reception held on April 27, 2010. , First Lady Michelle Obama reads "The Cat in the Hat" by Dr. Suess to local-area schoolchildren at the Library of Congress on March 2, 2010..